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Wolt Delivery Prices

Wolt delivery prices start with 39NOK for the close distance

You can subscribe for Wolt+ and get free delivery everytime you order! you will pay monthly for Wolt+ and you will get free delivery from most of the restourants and shops everytime you order. You can subscribe Wolt+ on the main page of Wolt application

delivery prices are listed below in case if you don't prefer to subscribe Wolt+

  • 0-499m: 39 kr.
  • 500-999m: 49 kr.
  • 1000-1499m: 59 kr.
  • 1500-1999m: 69 kr.
  • 2000+m: 79 kr.

  • Most of the time, some restaurants offer free delivery for the orders made by Wolt